Sydney Lockdown Day 19

I honestly forgot what day it was and had to check on my phone lol. Being on lockdown certainly brings on a bit of a holiday-LImode for me as I don’t need to leave my house in a hurry to get to work on time. In fact, I was dancing to zumba exercises just up until 5mins before class began! I love it!

A bit of sweat here and there didn’t deter me because no one else is here to see it!

There were a few things on my to-do list in which I’ve satisfied 99% of them! One of them I kind of procrastinated (and still procrastinating) because the movie is so damn boring. I can’t do it. For the other 99% which I’ve successfully accomplished today (YIPEE), it made me super proud of myself. Like, scheduling all these class posts on time and creating activities for every single class for the year group I’m in charge of is a massive thing. Not only that, I also have to cater for my extension class and my senior class (which I’m now the unofficial coordinator because the original teacher is on leave 😭). Being in charge for all the class in a year group is hard, and my workload doesn’t get easier.

But then, I thought my day would have improved when I received another package today. BUT NO. I had to return an item because it didn’t come with the matching belt – their fault. I was online with the customer service and she initially wanted to give me a 30% refund, but I wanted to exchange it instead for the romper + matching belt. But they didn’t have any more in stock. So, they offered me a complete refund and wouldn’t deduct any shipping fees from that. This is better than that 30% refund, so of course, I took it. At least I got my money back (well…once the item gets there and then we have to add 3-4 business days for them to process it and send me the money).

So I quickly ducked out to the post office during my break to send it off and decided to go to Woollies to stock up on some fresh fruits. It’s super easy to get lost in there because you just stand there deciding on all the meals you can make with this particular ingredient and so on. Scrolling on pinterest while browsing doesn’t help as well. But, I avoided doing that since we’re in a sensitive lockdown stage atm. And I was in and out within 10mins – fastest grocery shop ever.

So yeah, a productive day.

And I kind of rewarded myself with this cute vintage – I love the pink cap!

I jest. I didn’t even drink it, but used it as cooking wine for my fish. I was looking at my fridge and realised I needed to finish this fish which has been thawed from the freezer for a few days already.

So I went on pinterest to see what I can do with this fish and a sauce came us involving tomatoes, lemon, sugar, pepper and white wine.

I’m not a fan of white and only have red in my house so I substituted it for that.

For the overall taste, I liked it. It was a bit tangy but that’s because I may have squeezed a bit too much lemon for the proportions I had.

Lol I’m living up to the stereotype of not measuring my ingredients hehe.

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