2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 18

TWO WEEKS EXTENSION! I’m not surprised and I honestly don’t know what to feel about it. I’m just taking it one step at a time and like my Year 7 student said, “I wake up every morning thinking that today is going to be great!” – such mature thinking!

I actually adopted it by starting off my morning with sun salutations. It feels nice to stretch out your body and I was thinking how much better it would be if I was doing this at the beach instead lol. Too bad it was raining so I was stuck indoors the entire day.

Which means I was consistently super productive as I’ve scheduled meetings with fellow colleagues to discuss what to do for future weeks. We made some decisions and it was exciting to see and hear everyone virtually. I do miss chatting IRL.

It’ll probably be August or even later (who knows) till I get to see everyone. Or we might schedule some exercise days since we’re still allowed to exercise with one other person from a different household.

But the cases are still high in numbers and they’re actually creeping up towards my area so I’m still taking precautions. I’ve been thinking about purchasing groceries online with Woollies Click and Collect option but I don’t trust other people to pick out good fruits and meat for me lol – it’s an Asian thing I guess.

Even though I was stuck at home, I was still able to walk out to my garden to collect my delivery which has arrived!!!!!!! I swear, being home to collect your delivery is an entire different feeling from waiting till after you get back at work. This has actually improved my day and luckily, I retrieved it before it started pouring – thank goodness! As I was putting on my new bag, I was wondering where I can show this off to because I won’t be able to go out unless I go grocery shopping with it on lol.

My long-awaited delivery hehe

My online shopping didn’t even stop there. During my break times, I decided to purchase some eyeshadow palettes and new eye brushes from Morphe (recommended by my friend) because my current ones are super old and expired – ugh. Plus, I don’t even want to wait months for it to come from Korea so this will be my first ever Western make-up brand I try – quite riveting if I must say so myself!

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