2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 17

I found it hard to sleep last night even though I went to bed early. Must’ve been the tea as it’s been months since I last drank it – my caffeine tolerance must’ve decreased.

But at least I got up in time to teach online. I think it’s because these students have already experienced it before last year that they already know the routine and what we expect.

I’m honestly proud with what they’ve produced and hope I can positive phone calls home to parents soon.

It’s honestly so easy to get lost into marking all their work immediately and providing immediate feedback as I just want to help them in any way that I could.

But I also needed a break. So during my lunch break, I took the opportunity to go to my local post office to return a parcel then took a detour to the beach. The weather is absolutely stunning today and I feel like I’ve already developed a tan.

And to quench my thirst today, I opened a chilled bottle of tonic water and added lemon (pictured left).

Having the luxury to go out and exercise during this stay-at-home order is exhilarating and I’m thankful for this life I have.

But this was short-lived as it was back to work. Have to say though, it was quite a fast-paced day and I was super productive lol.

This didn’t stop me from watching my dramas and catching up with friends on socials. Everyone has a different outlook with lockdown and I’m just happy to say … I’m positive about it now.

But if does extend, my feelings might change.

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