2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 16

Sadly my holidays ended when school began at 9am for all NSW teachers today. It was nice to see a multitude of faces during our staff video call this morning and they were all smiling! I never worked so hard for the past two weeks…so much so that I developed a headache by the end of the day.

We were asked to complete this activity via pallet in which we post visuals to tell us about our holiday break – as you can tell, a lot of the staff members here have kids lol. But one thing remains the same, we want longer holidays especially since we couldn’t visit anywhere during our well-deserved break.

Hilarious memes – showcases how we all have a sense of humour

Going back to remote learning for this week and having that uncertainty about the following weeks to come is not a comfortable feeling. In fact, I have to applaud all the senior exec and HTs for making this work for all the staff and students. I loved that they allowed us time to work on our lessons in which my faculty has already produced lessons for the entire week! WOOHOO!

This means that we can use the rest of the time to work on future lessons because there’s some rumours (and I believe them) that lockdown will be extended. I mean, the cases today has increased to over hundreds and now they consider us, teachers, to be essential workers (I guess they’re sick of being stuck in the same environment with their children). Only those who work in the south-west Sydney will be prioritised for the COVID vaccine because our PM hasn’t ordered enough for our population.

I’m glad I was able to get the vaccine when I did so now I have less of a worry. And no side effects yet. I felt like my first dose made my arm very sore for days and very drowsy as well.

TBH, I know I’ve probably said this before but the internet is such a lifesaver during times like this. Even though we can’t have guests over, being online is helping our mental health. While yes, nature is there, there is only so much you can do during the day time. Plus, what happens during the night? It’s not like I’m going to roam around the streets in the dark. I rather stay inside curled up in my oodie watching dramas and chatting to friends.

After getting back from the bank (which I made it 2mins before closing time – phew!), I had a scrumptious dinner while watching episode 12 of Love ft Marriage and Divorce.

The cliffhanger angered me so much because how can the husband even dare to make his mistress lie about their affair in order to save their marriage. The mistress is so freaking stupid to even believe that he will go back to her.. I’m so glad the wife is sane and knows her husband – sad thing though. They even have a 13 year old daughter 😦

Mind you, my evening wasn’t spent wholly on watching this one episode. I even took the time to mop the floors and vacuum. Damn I’m good. Too productive and I need sleep. ASAP.

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