2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 15

I woke up feeling the tenderness on my left arm as that’s where I got jabbed. Not feeling any other symptoms yet so fingers crossed it’ll be alright. I was still able to drive to my local Woollies and carry bags of essential foods for the entire week!

As more and more people are being infected with coronavirus, I’m definitely going to limit my time spent outside of my house. If it stops raining and if the ground is dry enough to do so, I’ll have a lovely picnic at my garden while painting.

But then again, I wonder if I’ll have time as school resumes tomorrow and I’ll be WFH 9am-3pm. I kind of like this situation because I’ll have more time to prepare lessons instead of spending my time on playground duties, detentions and follow-ups. I figure admin work will be a lot manageable if I work from home, but it is still stressful.

Further, my phone has already been buzzing non-stop as there’s numerous notifications about what to expect for tomorrow. I’m just going to go with the flow as I’ll be able to work from my kitchen starting from 9am. It’ll be weird having meetings online especially since I’m going to leave my webcam off since I have the option to do so hehe.

I’ve been getting addicted to this game called Crazy Diner as I’ve been trying to find a good cooking one to sink my fingers into. Having a lot of time during lockdown does this to you. But I’m so glad a new ep of Love ft Marriage and Divorce has been uploaded as this drama is BOMB! It’s already on its 2nd season which is quite rare for kdramas. It showcases the upsides and downsides of marriages and relationships. Do we sympathise with the mistress and hate on the cheating husband? Or do we think the wives deserve it?

Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 2 Poster Is Out With The Old And In  With The New | Soompi
(L): Wives
(R): The jerks

Even though I consider myself open-minded, I still believe that once you’re locked into a marriage, you have to be with that person forever…or until you both amicably separate. I know there can be a lot of issues involved especially with the in-laws, social circles, etc. etc. but no one should cheat on their better half until they are officially ‘single’. So I’m definitely on the wives’ side even though I kind of understand how the husbands got tempted, but it does not excuse their behaviour. Plus, the mistresses knew that the husbands were married and still decided to have an affair with them so I definitely have no sympathy with what they’re going through.

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