2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 14

WOW! TWO WEEKS OF LOCKDOWN, and facing an extended one till the end of next Friday. That’s basically two weeks of my holidays done. It has been rather relaxing. I only spent one full day in these two weeks concentrating on school work so not bad. Might’ve been my most relaxing holiday yet, notice the irony?

The weather doesn’t seem too promising today as its cloudy and raining the entire day. My car is looking good though – all those dried out bird poop is getting washed away.

Last night I completed a drama Mad For Each Other which is only 13 episodes. I actually stopped watching this for a while but decided to complete it last night and I’m glad I did. The storyline picked up and it shows the true essence of human minds. Not everyone is sane. We all have our moments and I myself may have been depressed at some point in my life. I probably didn’t know I was depressed but somehow my body just knew how to be resilient and break through with it.

I also started season 3 of Virgin River which was released yesterday. Only up to ep 5 but I need to take my time through it because there’s not many other shows I want to watch on Netflix now…it’s getting boring 😦

Yet, today was a bit of an adventure for a person in lockdown as I finally left the house!!!! Only to get vaccinated. It’s my second jab for the Pfizer shot and its a huge relief to know that I’m probably safer than most humans on this planet now.

The nurse was so friendly and in fact, I have to say that despite all the negativity the government is facing, this vaccine hub has been so organised and thorough in ensuring it’s safe for all of us.

I remember the anxiety of not knowing what to do and where to go when I first came here to get my jab at Sydney Olympic Park but there’s clear signs and people to direct you exactly where you’re supposed to go.

I didn’t have to wait long, in fact only max 5mins for both times, and this is on a Saturday. The nurse that jabbed me today told me Monday is always their busiest.

The world would soon be back to its new version of normality once everyone is vaccinated, so anti-vaxxers please change your stance and get educated. Listen to the health professionals – they’re giving us this advice to save us!

Furthermore, my bag strap broke 😦 It’s a pity because I only just received it and I have been given compliments on this cute bag. Isn’t the colour so adorable? I have to say, I’m such a loyal fan of The Iconic because the quality, the pricing, convenient shipping and customer service! As the bag is still in such a new condition (because it’s only been a week or two), I was able to exchange it for free! I could’ve received a full refund but this bag is too pretty to not have.

Screenshot from The Iconic

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