2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 7

I finished 100 episodes of Miss Monte Cristo today. I honestly have to be proud of my own perseverance as I can’t believe I watched every single ep. It was a very tiring drama and I wanted to give up but by then, I was already too invested in the show. After watching my morning dose of drama while having a lovely brunch with croissants (yum!), I decided to go out.

It was a fairly sunny day today which meant I can enjoy nature.

But it was crowded. I saw people having picnics (with their own picnic mats) and chilling with their coffees. Do they not understand what ‘lockdown’ means? This is why cases are increasing. Albeit, there has been only a few cases reported in our area, it doesn’t mean that we are in the clear.

It appalls me that not everyone is taking this seriously. Since when have we become so selfish?

Forgetting about them, I was glad I walked another 10,000 steps, well…12075 steps to be exact. I swear, lockdown has been good to me as it is forcing me to exercise one way or another. I like it.

Just like my previous lockdown, I’ve downloaded TikTok again to pass some boredom. But this recipe has been popping up on my feed for a few days now and I decided to try it tonight. I didn’t try the feta, but I would try the pasta chips. It was meh.

I honestly don’t understand why people are loving this ‘hack’ because I surely don’t. Tbh, the chutney saved it. Why bother wasting precious pasta on this ‘hack’ when the supermarket chips are better. Potato definitely beats this by a mile!

Top: Pasta Chips
Bottom: Seafood pesto pasta covered with baked mash potato

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