2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 6

Nearly a week since the state announcement for Sydney lockdown! The rain has stopped for a while so I’m thinking about going out to replenish my vitamin D and get more supplements. Yesterday’s mask regime made my skin super soft today so I do want to show this off while I can lol. I’m a bit surprised to feel no aches when I woke up this morning because I did a whole body workout yesterday and walked over 10,000 steps!

Didn’t have the sleep quality I aspired to have for today but oh well. Life is life.

I guess it’s suitable since I didn’t plan to do much. I call it my low-key adulting day. It’s the day for me to complete all my necessary errands at my local shopping centre.

It was quite chill and I did spot one person confidently not wearing a mask at the post office. How I wish the police was here to catch her. Anyways, I decided to treat myself to an artwork in which in order for me to fully appreciate it, I have to paint it myself. It’s only $9 from Kmart so it’s not breaking the bank.

I started watching a series on Netflix called Queen of the South which I’ve been procrastinating over. From the summary, I thought I would be seeing a lot of blood and gore, but thank goodness it wasn’t that graphic. I mean, the issue with drugs and the dangers associated with it especially for family members and loved ones…it’s horrendous. Hearing about their stories, I empathise with their life. But then again, why do humans do this to themselves? Why can’t we all just live our worlds in peace and not have any vices that can play with justice.

Simple dinner: cous cous salad comprising of avocados, capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes, camembert, green olives, mushroom and balsamic vinegar + barramundi fillet.

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