2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 5

It was an early start to my day as I got out of bed earlier than usual. My sleeping quality has definitely went down but it didn’t bother me too much as I was still able to go for a coffee hike with my friend. I think it has been since the start of lockdown since I’ve seen any of my family and friends physically so it was nice to have this moment.

I was glad the skies cleared up, though the ground was still a bit muddy and I got a dirty spot of dirt on the white part of my shoes 😦

Yet, I took some fantastic shots of the oceanic view – isn’t it just spectacular?

We kind of explored the new areas in our neighbourhood as we’re both not originally from here. It was nice and hours just flew by. I have to say, this coffee is fab. I’ve always walked past this cafe at the start of my exercise but on my way back around 1pm, it had already closed. So I’m glad I got to try it today!

I also went online shopping as it was EOFY sale – who can even resist? I’m excited for these new items of clothing to arrive in order to glamorise my wardrobe even more. I think that is enough shopping for the month as I need to stop. I don’t even have any space and I didn’t even move all my clothes and shoes from my parents’ place to here. Maybe I should do a bit of mid-year spring cleaning out of my wardrobe.

But now that it is July, it is tax time and I love it. I usually do my taxes during the spring break but I think I’m organised for it enough to complete it during this break. I knew I should’ve bought more stationary

Anyways, I finished another drama which I started two days ago. It is an old Korean drama from 2021 called Immortal Classic. It’s quite a sentimental one but I like the focus on the traditional aspects of kimchi and its place in the Korean culture.

For lunch, I had these huge korean mandu which my parents got from Costco. They were insanely massive and I could only finish two of them (I cooked 4 in total). They were honestly the size of my palm! I should’ve taken a photo of them but I was too famished to even think about it.

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