2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 4

Goooooood day to us all!!!!! The rain took a bit of a sabbath to allow me to go out and enjoy the nature in its full glory.

As seen on the left, I had a very good night’s sleep though I did wake up in the middle of the night. I actually remember this part of the night but didn’t know what compelled me to suddenly be conscious.

I had my eyes shut the entire time and continued ‘dreaming’ about being in this shopping centre with friends lol. We were having dinner? Still a bit hazy and not even sure if it means anything.

But this didn’t deter me from enjoying the rest of my day.

I had two croissants left over from the other day, so decided to make a really nice scrambled eggs to go with it.

Honestly, I’m perfectly happy with croissant, butter and jam, but for some reason, I’ve been craving eggs. I think its because it has been nearly a week since I last had eggs.

I used to be egg-crazy and have scrambled eggs everyday during my holidays last year. This wasn’t too good for my skin because I got a lot of pimples. This is why they say, eat everything in moderation.

I was also craving juice, but I stopped myself from buying them from the supermarket as the sugar content is quite high. Instead, I bought fresh oranges which were quite sweet. I didn’t bother making them into juice because I’m lazy lol.

Captured on one of my fave walks

I was super happy to have witnessed the waves at my local beach again as I couldn’t yesterday due to the rain. Lots of people were out surfing and even admiring the surfers – lots of cool skills.

There was a slight drizzle but I didn’t care because today is my ‘wash your hair’ day. So I didn’t bother covering my hair with my hoodie. I honestly don’t know how long I walked and jogged for as I was just grateful to be out of the house.

I wonder how other people who live alone are doing while in lockdown. None of my friends live alone so there’s no one to compare my experiences with. But I have to say I’m doing quite well myself as I truly love being in my own space. I’m still contacting my family and friends every single day, but the fact that I can have 100% of the space to myself is so electrifying lol.

I mean, look at this rack of pork ribs below! I don’t have to share or fight with anyone for all of this as it’s all for me! I used Stubb’s BBQ sauce (which I’m nearly out of) to rub all over this sexy piece of meat. And voila! Dinner’s ready!

BBQ pork ribs

I also finished a korean drama – Doom at your Service – this drama is so heartwarming and I love all the actors and actresses in it! There are no menacing characters, and it’s all about having the best relationships with the people around you. Lee Soo Hyuk is my ultimate fave and I love Park Bo Young from Strong Girl Bong-soon.

Doom at Your Service (2021) - MyDramaList

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