2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 2

Oh my body hurts. I did a body combat session yesterday at home and now I’m waking up to sore muscles. Not only that, there’s this incessant banging noise coming from my neighbour’s place.

It’s so annoying. And it’s the sole reason why I’m awake early. I need sleep people! It’s why I’m on holidays! Do your banging at a more reasonable time!

I blame the neighbours.

But then again, I did go to bed around 2am because I started binging this new netflix drama Sex Life – omg can we just have a hands down for Adam Demos? I have to admit, his acting is not that great, but damn his physique, height and that smile! He got me hooked, and his co-star as well since they’re now dating.

My parents called me this morning and still couldn’t believe I’m obsessed with dramas – I mean, this has been part of my life since I’ve discovered the internet! (Which is a really long time.) But they can’t forbid me anymore since I’m on holidays due to work ✌️

Gosh, don’t you just love being an adult? Do the things you want to do without anyone telling you otherwise? That’s life.

Sandy waves at Mona Vale beach

After my light jog at another beach today (thankfully it didn’t rain), I came back to have lunch and finished my current fave drama: Mine. This korean drama is so well-directed and the casts are all formidable actors and actresses. For the past few months, this drama has set my teeth gritting as I wait and wait for the next cliffhanger. Now, it has finally come to a close and the ending is just perfecto. It’s on Netflix so there’s no excuse to not watch it 🙂

I also found myself spending time to do what I missed doing – bullet journalling.

I keep my designs minimal as I’m not that creative. I played around with the blue tones to represent winter though I could probably fit in a snowman or two.

Something I like to do is look for inspiring quotes to help me during the hardest moments, and all of these are ones that built up resilience in me for the past few weeks.

Life can be hard but you must remember to not overthink it. Just let it go.

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