Arisun @ Dixon St, CBD

Located on Dixon St, this place has been serving Sydney for eons. I remember always walking past here to get to Darling Harbour but never truly found myself wanting to dine here.

It was by chance that we came here on a Sunday night. It was busy, but we were still able to get a table for 5 without reservation.

When we arrived, we had to wait a bit for our table even though there was no queue. The waiter didn’t even acknowledge us at the counter for a few minutes which was rude. So far, not a good first impression.

But once we got seated, I decided to forget about it because its the food that matters, not him.

We ordered a ‘Beef & Mushrooms with potato noodle’ hotpot ($45) which was perfect for this cold night.

It is a decent size and I like the amount of bulgogi added. Only con, a bit too sweet. That’s why I would’ve liked more potato noodles though we could’ve also added more for $6.

Also to note, hotpot here don’t come with rice so you’ll have to pay extra for them.

The chicken arrived quite soon after our hotpot. I was quite excited about this because they’re known for their chicken. We ordered half-half of two different types of their fried chicken so we can try more. Opting for this costs $22 each. If you want to order a whole chicken, it’s $35 each.

We chose the ‘Spicy Fried Chicken’ (left) and ‘Old School Fried Chicken’ (right). The spicy one is definitely a kick to the mouth and I’m thankful we had rice to combat it. It is coated generously with the spicy sauce and the chicken was tender to the max! Not a bad start!

However, the other one was a bit too dry.

Below we also have ‘Grilled LA Short Ribs ($35) and ‘Stone Pot Bulgogi Bibimbap’ ($17). The short ribs were tender, and marinated to its max sweetness. Like the spicy chicken, I’m glad I had rice to deal with the sweetness or else I needed more beer.

From the look of the bulgogi, it doesn’t look special. There were some vegetables hidden on the other side of the bowl, under the egg. It didn’t have much flavour and tasted quite bland. That’s where the sauce from the ribs come in handy to enhance the flavours.

So, would I come here again? No.

Would I recommend this place to anyone? No.

There are better places to go to for Korean in Sydney. I’m just glad this is finally off my list of places I kind of wanted to try because now I don’t need to hesitate about whether I should try it or not – because I won’t.

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