Will I survive?

I’m such a millennial. I’ve been stuck with poor internet for the past 80+ hours and not watching my dramas has been getting to me. It annoys me more because I just started a new one and it’s getting good!!!!!

Not only that, my mobile provider had an outage and I have no reception! What a huge bummer!

The cons of very very VERY slow wifi – still can’t load the snaps 😦

Like I confessed earlier. I’m a millennial. I know my current discomfort definitely can’t compare to the world hunger, poverty, discrimination, hate and lack of human rights others are facing! But, I am human and I do NEED my internet.

I grew up with it hence why I’m so accustomed to it.

It’s currently school holidays for me and I wanted to go out! But now with no reception, how can I?

GPS is my saving grace to directing my life to the light. Without it, I’m literally lost. So of course, I get anxious leaving my house if it doesn’t work.

I’ve gone back to reading paperbacks as I’m too irritated and impatient to wait for the webpages to take its damn sweet time.

But there is only so much one can do without the internet. I can’t even revise my French on duolingo! Now my streak will be ruined 😿

The technician is coming on Monday so just one more day of torture! I’m glad my phone data is working again!!

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