Pho Gio Hoi @ Haymarket

I’m no stranger to phở as I grew up having it nearly every weekend when I was young. I would always have either the Phở Dặc Biệt or their pork chop with tomato rice. But ever since I moved to the beaches, it’s been hard to have Asian food at all. So coming to Chinatown was a bit of a nice heaven for me as the wafts of the familiar cooking oils and delicacies welcomes me.

Special Vermicelli Noodles with spring rolls $15

This time coming here, I tried something different from my usual choices. I saw this as one of the chef’s special and it reminds me of Vietnamese summer rolls. These are basically the ingredients we can use for our own summer rolls, though we would also add some prawns to it as well. I quite like it especially since the meat wasn’t drowning in oil. It was refreshing for the summer’s day and their sweet chilli dipping sauce accompanies this dish quite well. I basically just poured in the sauce and mixed it all up.

Combination Broken Rice $15

This above dish is quite quintessential. I love this combination and honestly haven’t had it for years! It has pork chop, sunny side egg, fragrant white rice, egg meatloaf and shredded pork skin. It also comes with their sweet chilli dipping sauce which ties everything together.

I’m just happy to know that there’s authentic restaurants serving good food in the city – another one to add to my list of good foods 🙂

Pho Gia Hoi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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