[Review] Mouse 마우스 – 2021 KDrama

Mouse (Korean Drama - 2021) - 마우스 @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama  Database

Watching this kdrama while living alone can definitely creep one out, especially late at night. I’m a chicken but then I love thrillers. I hate how each ep ends with a cliffhanger which means I can’t stop – definitely good marketing strategy.

Lee Seung-gi is one of the main actors and honestly, even he made me think he was a true psychopathic killer at one point. But after watching ep 6, I don’t know what to think of him anymore.

There’s another person who’s definitely a killer because we saw him kill and he is also the son of a psychopathic murderer. But wasn’t he the only one?

This drama definitely has me on the edge in every single scene. It is making us second guessing everything that is happening.

But there is a moral dilemma this drama raises. If foetuses are born with the psychopathic gene, should they be aborted immediately or be allowed to live and hope they don’t kill anyone? It is a hard question as no humans have the right to play God. But then if they are aborted, would lives still be saved?

I guess this will be uncovered within this drama as we see more and more.

So far, this gene test was tested in two babies in the drama. Both mothers decided to keep their babies and now the story is getting interesting. Who is this serial killer? The son of the notorious murderer or the son of a kind man? They’re both born with a psychopathic gene but who is it?

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