Sushi Taro @ Artarmon

Whenever I come to Artarmon, I always head straight to Little Tokyo located on Wilkes Ave. It is a beautiful alley which is just next to the station that allows you to eat, buy and admire all things Japanese. Every time I’m here, I would usually head to one of the Japanese restaurants to fill up before heading to their Lucky Mart to buy more Japanese groceries.

I enjoy eating Japanese foods and it has been hard to like it in Sydney since I came back from Japan. It is true that once you’ve been to Japan, it’s hard to find something that authentic outside of its mother country.

BUT, there are only a few in Sydney that I like to go to but I’m still yet able to find the best sashimi/sushi place to feast in.

Usually I would be eating at Ramen Genki because I honestly love their broth. But on this day, the queue was too long and it was hot. BUT, Sushi Taro isn’t too bad and I got to try their curry for the first time!

Menchi Katsu curry $14.8 – panko crumbed minced wagyu beef and pork

When I saw this on the menu, I was intrigued because I’ve never had menchi before and it sounds so delectable!

When this came out, I was initially worried about the portion size because usually there’s too much curry to coat the rice. However, as I was devouring this, it was the perfect amount. I love how they made the katsu which went in harmony with the curry.

This dish comes with miso and I also ordered takoyaki as a side which was a perfect start to my day.

However, I have to say that their curry tastes like those Japanese packet mixes. Having this makes me miss CoCo Curry in which you can customise everything – from rice portions, spice levels and toppings!

Sushi Taro  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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