New beginnings

Living alone has been a bit surreal. I thought it would take some time for myself to get used to it but apparently not. The worries of not depending on anyone else and having meals by yourself at home doesn’t seem as scary as anticipated. I guess this is due to the fact I have travelled solo a few times before and that I like having my own peace.

I’ve been sleeping so well and eating so well. I love having my own bathroom (which is quite spacious and modern). It is truly nice to have a space for yourself. There’s no rules I have to follow because it’s just me.

I’ve gotten too used to this and even when I went back to my parents’ place to celebrate Chinese New Year, I kept on thinking about this home. Home. It’s so easy to call this place home even though I haven’t been living here long. But, it goes to say how accustomed I’ve grown to this place and I like this cozy feeling.

The view I have outside my place is tranquil. I’m surrounded by mother earth and it just elevates this peaceful atmosphere. I love that I can just walk down the road and cross the traffic to this huge lake.

There’s walking trails and it’s so convenient for me to go for a stroll after dinner. Beaches are all within the vicinity and sadly I can’t go today since it’s raining 😦

Nevertheless, I do like how I’m given more time to spend at home and truly appreciate what I have. I am proud of myself for taking this chance. And I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve gotten.

I’m quite glad I decided against flatmates because I don’t think I would’ve been this comfortable this quickly. It’s funny how I created my own ‘pros & cons’ for living alone vs flatmates in which the latter won. I was only worried about the ‘what ifs’. What if I forgot my keys and needed someone to open the doors? What if I had an accident (touch wood) and no one close by can help me? What if I feel too bored by myself? What if…, etc, etc.

I stopped worrying about these things since I moved in because I’m a grown-ass adult who can definitely take care of herself. Plus, previous solo travelling experiences definitely helped a lot! Heck, I was without a phone for 6+ hours overseas and still managed to find somewhere to fix my phone, fill up my stomach and get home safely.

Also, with my personality, I need at least a whole day of rest after socialising and I want to make sure that my home is a place of solace and tranquility. As such, I’ve decorated like so and relish coming home every single day.

Isn’t it just tranquil?

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