Chatswood Night Market

This whole night market caught me by a surprise. I came here on a Friday night planning to have a nice dinner with my friend. But as soon as we laid eyes on the tents selling delicious foods, we immediately changed plans.

I mean…who wouldn’t? My eyes first went to this okonomiyaki stall which is made straight to order by this experienced woman. There are different versions of okonomiyaki she can make and this one was a fusion with yakisoba! We also added extra meat which was tender and goes perfectly well with the seasoned dish.

We also had choices of dimsims and this particular stall was selling handmade siumai by this executive dim sum chef with over 30 years of experience! It is flavoursome, and that chilli (its optional) was such a kicker! Its no surprise to say that we got a few more rounds of these because one box was not enough!

I feel like I should come by more often on a Friday as I have been thoroughly pleased with the overall experience. The vibes and seeing glorious foods on the streets takes me back to Taiwan night markets, and I truly miss this! I’m still waiting for Taiwan to open its borders for Australians because I think that might be the very first place I visit as soon as its declared safe!

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