Concrete Jungle @ Chippendale

Modern and suburban oasis located just opposite of Spice Alley, Concrete Jungle is a popular brunch place which also has their own bar!

Their instagram is filled with aesthetic photos of their decor and food plating – and that is what led us to come here in the first place!

Pictured left: Tuna Brown Rice Bowl $22

I like how they set out the place especially with the seating arrangements – definitely aligns with the COVID safety guidelines. The service was friendly and they were quick to seat us even though we didn’t make a booking. Seats were comfortable and I like how they had an open kitchen – they’re definitely confident in themselves and have nothing to hide!

Pictured above (L-R): Sweet Potato Fries $8, Not so Benny $28, Brekkie Mezze with Beef Rashers $26

I truly adore how they pay attention to not only the presentation but the flavours as well! I truly love having brunch in Sydney because you know you (your eyes, health and tastebuds) will be cared for. The foods are nutritional and we are paying for quality. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and locally fresh. What more do you want?

Pictured left: Brekkie Mezze with house smoked salmon $27

This mezze honestly blew my mind with its generous portions. It is gluten-free and includes Merguez Sausage, Halloumi, Hummus & Pickles, Afghan Bread & Poached Egg.

It is set out so neatly and my poached eggs (they gave me two!) were cooked perfectly as it was still runny when I cut into it. The salmon was $7 extra and I didn’t mind the extra protein because they gave me a few generous slices – did not skimp out at all!

Another dish that caught my eye (and was one of the many options I wanted to try before I decided on my mezze) was this noodle dish. I love fish and when paired with green miso pesto, it intrigued me.

They also have a breakfast ramen with grilled rashers & grilled chicken! Looks like I’ll be back soon to try it out!

Pictured right: Greenoodles $24

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