2020 – bad or good year?

We all know what happened globally. It was mainly negativity that surrounded us, and in my life too. I had so much happening that impacted on my family specifically, and no..it wasn’t COVID. This year has honestly been such a blur with April-July being a huge blackout moment for me because I can’t recall anything significant then. The lockdown in Sydney occurred during those months, and it was hard. Hard to not have our “normal” lives and being forced to be paranoid every time we go out to the shops to get necessities or even just to get some vitamin D. I hated it.

But I’m glad it is now slowly returning back to normal for us Aussies – we are seriously so lucky that our situation is getting better; truly thankful about that. I was actually reflecting on 2020 with my Year 7s a few days ago and it was quite a positive experience. I returned them the letters they first wrote to me on their first day, and they cringed so hard haha. It was cute to see their reactions and how much they realised they’ve improved in their spelling, grammar and overall writing capability. But I didn’t stop there. I got them to write a letter to their future self for their first day in Year 8 in 2021 as I wouldn’t be there for them. I announced that I was leaving this school which I’ve been at for 3 years, and have made a decision to move forward in my life. Some of them showed me their letters privately to write how much they would miss me and that they were grateful to have met me – truly heartwarming and I nearly teared up!

Life is definitely moving on, and it is up to us on whether we want to continue to board that train or not. I’ve boarded and now that train is taking me to a new place – the Northern Beaches. I’ll be moving there soon and while I’m sad to leave behind everything I’ve known so far, it is a journey and an adventure I’m willing to partake it. I know it will be hard at first because I don’t know many people there, but I’m sure I can make new friends and design new memories. Those who know me know that I love the beach life – it’s chill, relaxing and breezy. I’ve always wanted to retire near the beach, and perhaps I’m just preparing for it earlier, a lot earlier.

I’m excited to see what life has in store for me in 2021 and I’ll be here waiting to take it all in!

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