Tokki @ Surry Hills

A bustling modern restaurant situated in the heart of Surry Hills. It’s a place in which I recommend you to book in advance so that you won’t be disappointed. I booked for 6pm, and when we arrived, it was already filled with hungry patrons. So luckily I booked our table, and beware, it’s only for 90mins.

The menu had an array of choices ranging from side dishes, baos, KFCs, raw foods and even big meaty ones. Since it was our first time, and we were spoilt for choice, we decided to go with their $65 each FEED ME menu. This basically is their 6 course menu (including dessert) from their own menu.

We also worked out that it was perhaps better to go for this option since it will be cheaper than ordering individual dishes – basically, we just wanted to eat MORE.

I was initially going to order a Spicy Lychee cocktail because it sounded so interesting, but the waiter duped me into ordering this Xmas special – why did I listen to him?! It did not taste great.

However, the food made up for it. I have to say, the course started off to a great high! We had that miso cucumber in which that sesame sauce coated the cucumbers and was quite a refreshing start to the dinner. We then had the kingfish ceviche and it was beautiful – fresh and melts in your mouth. Afterwards, they gave us this huge plate of zucchini flower which had a bit of blue cheese in it! Then to end off our vegetable course we had the roasted cauliflower which was coated with furikake!

I definitely enjoyed this part of the course meal and the blow-torch definitely enhanced the flavours!

But then, this huge meat tray came out with a bit of every meat from their menu. We were quite disappointed because the ribs weren’t cooked well – it wasn’t tender 😦 But the gochu chicken wasn’t too bad, some parts were a bit too burnt. That pork belly-bossam had no flavour and we had to use the provided dipping sauce.
Yeah….wasn’t too great. And the dessert didn’t make it better – I made a total sour face after tasting that sauce lol.

I would go back for the vegetables and to try out the rest of their raw bar BUT, this particular waiter irked me. He wasn’t very accomodating and tried to force us to order from the menu when we were clearly waiting for one more friend. Not only that, he had the audacity to take my favourite roasted cauliflower off our table when clearly it wasn’t finished! There was more than half of the dish left, and his excuse – “oh you have 15mins left before you need to leave and you still have dessert”

Come on! It doesn’t take that long to finish a dish, and we can definitely finish it. Don’t just take it off our table. I was quite pissed and it was only this male waiter with the glasses. No tip for you mister. So yeah, our experience unfortunately ended on a bit of a sour note.

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