Kyo-to @ Spice Alley, Chippendale

This was the first time I was taken to this side of Sydney is such a long while. Spice Alley reminds me a lot of Asia in terms of how the restaurants are like little pockets on this long lane. There are so many Asian eateries to choose from and tonight was Japanese.

I like the set-up as it was outdoor style and there had an array of courtyard seats to choose from.. A chill place to hangout and drink!
Food had to be ordered from the counter & collected from there as well.

One ramen caught my eye and it was pictured on their wall – tonkotsu ramen. They had other dishes to choose from but its a cool night, and what’s better than a nice and warm broth that comfortably heats you up.

Tonkotsu Ramen $13.8

Its flavoursome broth was packed with the richness of the pork flavour and that egg! I’ve never liked egg in my ramen except in Japan and this restaurant is continuing on that streak for me! It was cooked to perfection with that sweet and salty flavour that complements the broth.

Excited to put this restaurant down into my list of places to visit again!

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