Kura @ Haymarket

I never realised how tiny this eatery is until I step foot inside it for the first time. It is another place I’ve been eyeing for so many years and didn’t have the opportunity to go because 1.queues and 2. Friends wanted to eat someplace else.

I was surprised to hear conversations in Japanese by the chefs and waitress as usually it would be Korean owned or Chinese owned. So this raised a bit of expectation as I know it would be authentic!

As soon as I walked in, I was directed to check-in online. It was an easy process and more hygienic compared to sharing pens when writing down personal details. Then I was given a menu which my eyes went straight to the bento.

Chicken Karaage Bento with miso soup & sashimi

My eyes went straight to the karaage and I had a choice between mayo or sweet chilli. I chose mayo but they also gave me sweet chilli with my spring rolls and extra on the side. This bento was enough for me but I wanted something extra – takoyaki.

The takoyaki were quite small but I could taste the octopus pieces. I quite like it and it was definitely piping hot when I was biting through it.


I forgot the prices for each dishes but overall, the price was $24.40 for this overall meal. I paid by card and I didn’t need to pay any surcharge since its over the min $20.

If I have a chance to come back, I most likely will. Perhaps by myself again as it will be easier to get seats rather than coming as a group and waiting for who knows how long.

Kura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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