[Review] Kairos 카이로스 – 2020 KDrama

Kairos (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

Another drama by one of my favourite actors – Shin Sung Rok (top left) whom you may recognise from The Last Empress, Liar Game, Return, Perfume, etc. His acting is definitely versatile and seeing him in that first episode made my heart tug hard for him!

Another actress you may recognise is Lee Se Young (bottom left) from Memorist, Doctor John, The Crowned Clown, etc. Her acting has been a bit of a hit and miss from me but I do anticipate it will be good for this drama after seeing the first ep!

Kairos is about a husband who has a perfect life. But then, with all dramas, there’s a crisis – his daughter gets kidnapped, wife disappears and there’s this issue with time.

Time is a popular theme in a lot of contemporary dramas and is definitely one of the major plot lines in Kairo. It is interesting and after finishing Alice, this is a good drama to sink my teeth into!

Oh! And who can forget Ahn Bo Hyun (bottom left) – our favourite antagonist from Itaewon Class. His character is quite suspicious here and I have a feeling he’s involved with the kidnapping, but I won’t know until they release more episodes.

Meet the Characters of the New K-Drama, "Kairos"

Definitely a promising drama!

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