Bansang Authentic Korean Restaurant @ Castle Mall

This place opened quite recently and I only discovered via ubereats. I was super keen to try it because it is so close to home! I was honestly anticipating that this would be as good or even better than the others!

So we went in, got seated and handed our menus. There was a variety of korean dishes (no bbq) including hot pots, bibimbaps, dumplings, pancakes, spicy squids, japchae and many more!

We ordered seafood pajeon and I was glad to see that the batter wasn’t too thick. It was crunchy and had a generous amount of seafood within it! Sauce complemented the fried pancake well and I truly enjoyed it.

Seafood & Shallot pancake $18

Next, was our delicious bossam! I have to admit, it’s my first time trying it. When I posted this on my insta story, my Korean friends exclaimed how authentic it looked and wants to try this place out!

We were quite surprised to see that the braised pork belly came with this huge plate of kimchi! Wasn’t expecting that at all! We got the oohs and the ahhh from neighbouring tables as they exclaimed how huge it was.

Looks pretty amazing good as well!

Braised Pork Belly $48 – comes with those huge kimchi!

AND IT WAS FREAKING FANTASTIC! We couldn’t finish it between the two of us, but we had to take it home. No way were we going to let this baby go to waste.

The kimchi had the perfect amount of spiciness and goes super SUPER well with the pork belly 🤤🤤

So, just like its name, it is definitely authentic! The flavour combinations were impeccable. Thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience and would no doubt come back very soon!

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