[Review] When I was the most beautiful – 2020 Kdrama

Ji Soo Receives A Thoughtful Gift From Im Soo Hyang In Upcoming Romance  Drama | Soompi

Im Soo Hyang 임수향 – one of the actresses I truly enjoy watching and I have loved her acting from Five Enough (2016). Since then, I’ve seen her play such diversified roles in My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018) and even Graceful Family (2019) which she is also known for.

Ji Soo Shows What Young and In Love Means In His "When I Was The Most  Beautiful" Character Stills - KDRAMADIARY

Kim Ji Soo 김지수 – this boy first caught my eye in Angry Mom (2015) when he played a gangster high school kid and then I was so sad to see his character die in Doctors (2016). He evolved and matured since then to play on bigger roles as fellow lead actors in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017) and more.

Ji Soo and Ha Seok Jin Fall for Im Soo Hyang in “When I Was the Most  Beautiful” – K-Luv

Ha Seok Jin 하석진 – I was excited to see this familiar face in this drama because I liked watching him in Something about 1 Percent (2016). That drama made me feel all sorts of emotions (its a good thing) especially because of his ability to foster a strong chemistry with his female lead, Jeon So Min from Running Man.

With such brilliant actors and actresses on board, I was deeply interested to see how these three would mesh. Honestly, I wasn’t too sold on the storyline as it is a love triangle involving two biological brothers! Too messy! But, I had to give it a go for these three.

The beginning was quite intriguing as we could see how the love between them has fostered. The older brother clearly got the girl because of his maturity and of course, life experience. He was able to handle her affairs and be very reliable for her to depend on.

Knowing his older brother and the girl of his dreams are married, the younger tried to do his best to stay away so that he won’t invite any trouble. But this is hard as they soon encounter a horrible accident that changed their lives forever.

When I Was The Most Beautiful - AsianWiki

Currently, this drama is up to ep 13 and only has a few more weeks to go. I’m no longer watching this drama religiously because the appeal for it has worn out. There’s a few cliches and the excuses characters make is no longer substantial.

I will try to finish it since there’s 16 eps in total but sorry, this is the first drama these three have disappointed me in 😦

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