[Review] Emily in Paris – Netflix Original 2020

Emily in Paris (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Released exactly 2 days ago, this drama directed by Darren Star (Sex and the City) caught my eye because 1. Lily Collins and 2. Paris! Mon amour!

I truly miss Paris and its definitely a place I want to return to! I love the language, its food, culture and people! It’s so funny how the French are perceived as stand-offish people here because it was totally the opposite case when I was there! I have heard of others saying how they are rude, but I honestly never had that experience – luckily.

But seeing how Emily (Lily Collins) ventures off to Paris for her work, I have been obsessed with her star-struck adventures, new friendships and exciting love life! The culture clash between the Americans and Parisians is exhilarating to watch even though I can’t relate to it. But it does seem like a true reality from what I have heard from my friends.

I love her attitude and how she takes everything with a positive stride. Definitely a hard task when everyone in your workplace hates you because of her lack of understanding of the French culture and language. Excusez-moi!

Emily in Paris': Lily Collins Previews Season 1 of Netflix Comedy | TVLine
tres jolie!

However, I got to say, j’adore her fashion sense, her wit and phone case! This film is all about her overtaking the Parisian advertising industry by a storm as she showcases the importance of using social media to their advantage! This is basically how companies promote in our current society. If you don’t have social media, don’t bother believing you will get gold.

15 Things About Netflix's Emily in Paris That Sex and the City Fans Will  Appreciate
J’aime la phone case

It’s a truly easy watch and the guys will not disappoint! One of them in particular, Lucas Bravo (plays Gabriel), is a French model, actor and former sous chef! Coincidently, he plays a chef in this series and is one of her love interest despite the complications.

Definitely a must watch and the episodes are around 20mins each – only 10 in total! Doable in less than a day!

2 thoughts on “[Review] Emily in Paris – Netflix Original 2020

  1. Agreed! I’m obsessed with this show and her phone case is to die for! I posted a review of the show on my page and would love for you to vote on my poll – Team Gabriel or Team Mathieu??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope there will be a confirmed season 2!!!!! Here’s hoping that Netflix will put us out of our misery!
      Easiest vote ever! 😂


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