Easy Korean Brunch

Ever since the start of lockdown and WFH, I’ve been having two meals a day: one at 10-11am and the other 4-5pm. I actually don’t mind this new routine because it also fits with my school routine now that I’m back at work physically.

There was more baechujeon but I ate them while cooking hehe

When I was WFH, I would be making my food fresh and playing around with various recipes. I’ve actually started cooking a lot more Korean cuisines and I’m not hating it. Plus, my local Korean butcher has such affordable meats including marinated bulgogi and galbi!!!!

For this morning, I decided to make baechujeon which is cabbage pancake. I saw it from Maangchi’s YouTube channel and it looks thoroughly easy!

But I didn’t follow her recipe exactly. Instead I used the Korean pancake mix and added gochujang! Then I handripped my cabbage leaf (one big leaf is more than enough) into smaller pieces and soaked it with the mixture.

Then I put it on a hot pan that is greased with oil on a medium heat. It doesn’t take too long to cook and while it’s on the pan, I made a quick sauce of rice vinegar+soy sauce. If I had scallions, I would add that too.

You’ll find yourself eating the buchaejeon while cooking. I even had leftovers!

But, I was also craving a warm soup in this weather and so I made a quick one using gochujang, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar and water. I also added another cabbage leaf (hand ripped) and a packet of noodles. Egg and cheese were added in the end. And voila! My brunch of the day!

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