V Lounge @ Canley Heights

My first cafe straight after the easing of lockdown. I honestly thought it would be a karaoke bar or something due to its name so this place definitely took me by surprise.

We still had to book as the place can only take max 10 patrons in one sitting. Luckily we did or else we wouldn’t have gotten a seat ✌️

A heads up – be careful with parking because both my friend and myself got ourselves a ticket 😦 I swear I didn’t see that ‘no stopping’ sign – we honestly just had our eye on the 1p parking sign…so be careful all of you!


I was flipping through the menu and this was one of the dish that caught my eye – MAC ‘N’ CHEESE CROQUETTES ($16). Who doesn’t love mac & cheese? They even included bacon in it so I was definitely enjoying every single bite! Plus, these balls were surrounded by CHEESE!!!! 🤤🤤

Besides cheese, we also had chicken!!! We were pondering between this and sweet potato fries, but our next dish had the fries. This POPPIN’ CHICKEN ($12). Honestly, it was a disappointment. The fried crumb was good especially when dipped with the sauce but the meat itself was dry. EUGH.

Now, for the most exciting bit, it’s the WAFFLE BURGER! I love waffles. I love chicken. And if they’re paired together? You could see why I was so intrigued. But…was the chicken better than the previous one?


MY GOD YES! It was tender! Why couldn’t they cook the previous chicken better? This definitely lifted my mood and those sweet potato fries were a good addition. I love the little amount of leaves and veggies they added (kind of made me feel better about myself and my health lol).

Another thing I wanted to add was the pricing. I think the price for these meals are quite affordable and not over the top. I would definitely love to come back for more of those mac ‘n’ cheese balls. Also, I want to try the rest of the menu, drinks and DESSERT!

V Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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