Personails Review

I love painting my nails and even more so, growing my nails. Growing up, I always had to keep my nails short for piano (struggles), so having long nails is kind of a luxury for me.

I hoard nail polish and painting them on my nails is a relaxing and soothing process. One of my favourite me-time. I did try to do some nail art but always found them too tedious of a process. I’m lazy ok.

So it wasn’t until one of my friends recommended Personails to me after I kept on complimenting her nails. I was quite intrigued especially since it should be a more convenient process.

Very cute packaging! Comes with a cuticle stick and mini file!

This costs $9.99 which is valued at $17.99

There were a lot of styles to choose from and honestly, I was overwhelmed. I only wanted to try it before I buy more because this is my first time using a nail wrap. And so, I found this introductory offer for newbies which was super affordable and worth the trial! It arrived in less than a week in a very cute packaging.

The only was that I wasn’t able to choose a specific design. But I like that I got to choose between 3 different styles: cute, perfectionist or glam. I decided on cute because prints was the only reason why I was on this website.

I’m glad I chose this style because I adore this print. I can definitely see myself rocking this to work as well!

I love that this nail company is based in Sydney, Australia so I never have to wait too long for shipping. Plus, its free shipping worldwide! I’m definitely on a hunt for more now 😍

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