WFH – my new normal?

WFH – Working from Home

It’s a recent trending acronym due to the current COVID-19 situation and many of us are finding ourselves WFH. I am one of these people but my situation is constantly changing.

WFH was a change to get used to. It was my new normal. With the lockdown laws, and panic over the spread of COVID-19, it was imperative that we stay at home.

We need to consider everyone’s safety. Our grandparents, our children and those with weaker immune systems. Who will protect them if not us? This is what the doctors, nurses and those with the medical qualifications tell us. We see this all over social media as they hold up the signs saying “WE stay at work for you, YOU stay at home for US”.

But, our government doesn’t want us to stay home. In fact, we are not getting support from our government. They’ve thrown us under the bus and made it seem like we don’t want to teach our kids. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

We love our profession. And I am so lucky to be working in an environment where my fellow colleagues are passionate and enjoy teaching their students every single day. Yes, there can be tough days, but we’re all humans. We love it when we see the fruits of hard work and when our kids are like “YES! We got it!” or even just a simple “Thank you Miss”.

I’ve actually received quite a few of these messages from my students and how they miss learning at school. They say its hard to learn at home when there’s no immediate feedback and I truly understand it. Because it is hard for me as well.

I’m only just a teacher who does wish to see her students as soon as possible. I miss seeing their smiles when they achieve something, I miss having conversations about what they learnt, I miss seeing their excitement. But, we need to think of all of our safety.

I received an email the other day from the Department of Education, and all schools are only given ONE temperature monitor. My school has 1600+ students, and we are only given ONE.

What about masks? Only 50.

Eye protection glasses? Only 12.

Other PPE? 5 aprons/gowns/or similar, 4 rolls of paper towel, 8 rolls of toilet paper, 1 box of gloves, and 24 packets of disinfectant wipes.

Keep in mind, they stated this was for First Aid Room Care Package. Apparently we will be sent hygiene supplies of hand sanitiser, soap, toilet paper and paper towel at regular intervals during Term 2.

But they didn’t state how many.

I don’t mind going back to school and teaching face-face. But I’m just not sure if this is a wise decision. Winter is here and there are medical reports that we should be on a lookout for the 2nd and even 3rd wave of the coronavirus.

Be careful everyone.

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