Unkles @ Eastwood

I came here for a nice meal after my facial. This soup was perfect for a rainy day and it was super affordable since I only brought $20 cash.

$20 is definitely more than enough for this $13 meal which also comes with a bowl of rice, and their assorted side dishes. I love going to Korean restaurants because of their side dishes (its terribly good) and am currently missing it so much!

Unkles is good because even though you’re one person dining, they can give you 6 side dishes! Quite extravagant if you tell me because it is definitely quite a bit for me. But I’m not complaining because I like options XD

I think I should consider making some side dishes myself. That will be another post in the future haha.

Dried Pollack Soup $13

Anyways, their soup was so hearty. No wonder people have this when they’re hungover. You can definitely wake up from this broth and I felt my sore throat was gradually being soothed. It is not fishy but quite flavoursome.

I definitely enjoyed it.

This was actually my last Korean meal before the Covid-19 lockdown here in Sydney. I hope I will be able to have a taste of this soup again.

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