Falling in Love – 2019

The trailer for this rom-com caught my eye as I was curious to see why a girl would uproot her life from San Francisco to a small town in NZ. I had hopes that this drama wouldn’t be a cliche love story and the girl can’t do things independently.

But, I was wrong. I can’t believe I stuck through the first 14mins of this film. Our heroine is like a valley-girl romantic. She is unsatisfied with her life, tries to renovate her boyfriend’s wardrobe and receives bad advice from her best friend to give her bf an ultimatum so they will be engaged, and later married.

Ok, the writer gave the girl a career but suddenly loses her job as the investors decided to close their business. Later that night, she nonchalantly brings up her plans to move in with her bf and she can establish a home office there to work. Of course this would surprise anyone, and is this her way of an ultimatum? This wouldn’t work – it’s clearly insensible.

And so, she dumps him and blames that he’s not “committed”. Then she goes through the break-up phrase, drinking and signing up for a competition to win an inn in NZ. Of course, she wins and decides to pack her bags, say goodbye to her bestie and ships herself to this foreign country.

I don’t know about you…but there are so many wrongs in this movie and its only the first 14mins. I don’t think I can continue this anymore (even though the NZ guy is hunk). Their first meeting was stupid as well as she acts snobbish even though he tries to help her.

I seriously can’t take it. It’s 2020! Why are girls being portrayed as the ones who make bad decisions…and stupid decisions in this current day and age?!

I can already imagine how this will play out…these two will have some obstacles, but she will need him to fix up her inn. And so, they will develop romantic feelings but then she might be faced with the “biggest decision of her life” – stay in NZ with him or move back to San Francisco.

She’ll most likely stay in NZ and they’ll live happily ever after in their inn.

Am I right?

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