Working from home as a secondary teacher

Teaching students online instead of face-face in the classroom is a definite struggle. Not just for me, but for my colleagues and our dear students as well. I miss the physical aspect of teaching.

Working from home is resembling a desk job and this is not what I signed up for. But I know it is only temporary…but for how long?

We teachers are being put to the test as we had less than 24hours notice when we were told, everything will be taught online. It was tiring and I could not catch a break. None of my colleagues can. We are all working hard to alter our resources to be put online for the students; to ensure our students can still receive an education. We are trying to differentiate to various student needs but this is difficult. There is only so much we can do.

Not only that, I feel so bad for my students, especially my Year 12s as they are already anxious because of their upcoming HSC, and now we have this. Even my Year 7s who are just starting out high school. I have a special-needs class this year, and not all of them are independent learners. But now they have to navigate online learning from home…by themselves. This is not how I wanted them to start high school.

Luckily, most of my other students are quite independent and can work from home but there will times they will need me to be there to guide them explicitly. We are trying other technologies such as Zoom but this can’t replace the face-face learning they will have at school. Even they told me this. They miss school. They miss their friends. And they miss the classroom environment.

We all do. But we have to strive through together and get past this hurdle. Hopefully it is only a curve we can flatten.

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