Gami’s @ Castle Towers

Gami’s Gami’s Gami’s. If you hear of this, immediately you will think of succulent friend chicken.

This joint is not relatively new to Towers and it is a local favourite, definitely mine’s. I still haven’t ate through their whole menu because I’m usually there for my favourites. However, I did try two new dishes!

The corn cheese and tteok bok ki were new dishes I haven’t tried before. Honestly, I wouldn’t have considered because I was thinking “What’s so special about corn and cheese?” and the latter is spicy.

Another goodie (and personal favourite)…POTATO HEAVEN $16)! It truly has descended from heaven because its filled with all potato goodness. I love potato and when potato turns to mash, I’m in!

I’m going to end this post with my review on their chicken! It’s not the first time I had their boneless chicken with soy garlic on the side ($19.5). It comes with sides of pickled block radishes to combat the greasiness as well as a refreshing salad.

The chicken, my goodness! It was crispy, flavoursome and super tender on the inside! Reminds me of Korea so much because they truly cook their chicken well!

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