Yiamas Greek Restaurant @ St Peters

This is my first time at a Greek restaurant, recommended by my Greek colleagues. They know their food and definitely knows which Greek eateries are best in Sydney.

Hence, I was not worried about this night because I knew I would have a great time!

This place is located quite close to St Peters station which is great for me because I took a train from Wynyard. It opens at 6pm and is very popular with the locals. Thank goodness we booked.

We started off with this fabulous bottle of Red which surprised me a lot!!!

Luckily I took a photo of the label because I can’t find this bottle in any of the Dan Murphys!!!!!! It costs around $35 for this 2017 Shiraz which is quite good. And its definitely full-bodied! LOVE IT!

There were a lot of options to choose from the menu and as a first-timer, I truly didn’t know which one I should pick. I was tossing up between the kondosouvli because I saw them cooking the meat on the spit and it looked amazing! But then, I love lasagne and also wanted to try the Greek version.

And so, I chose moussaka! The size of this plate is VERY VERY deceiving. At first I thought, damn I should’ve ordered entrees (grilled octopus was amazing!) but this was so damn filling! I’m glad I didn’t order entrees because I wouldn’t have the stomach to finish this!

Moussaka $28.9

The béchamel sauce MMMMMMMMH! The side salad went perfectly with the moussaka and I love how they gave me that huge chunk of feta! So generous!

Would I come back? OF COURSE! I kept on exclaiming to my Greek colleagues how fantastic that night was and I love LOVE the food! They also had live music (Friday night) and I love the overall atmosphere!


Yiamas Greek Taverna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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