Mr Chen Beef Noodles 2.0 @ Haymarket

If I’m writing another food review for the same food place, it’s definitely a telltale sign for “YOU MUST COME HERE!”.

I’ve been craving for dumplings ever since I came back from my holiday overseas and this place popped into my mind. Despite the coronavirus scare that’s still occurring, it didn’t stop me from going to my now favourite place for dumplings.

I know it’s not going to beat Taiwan’s Din Tai Fung, but it will have to do. Again, I didn’t try their other dishes because tonight was all about dumplings!

Pork and Chives steamed dumplings

Pork and chives is seriously one of the best and original combinations for dumplings and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So glad these friends think the same because pork and cabbage didn’t do it for me last time.

Xiao Long Bao (XLB)

Honestly, I wanted a bit more soup from the XLB, but it was still delicious. There were times when the soup got drained out in the paper 😭 seriously broke my heart because it went to waste.

Pork and Chives Potstickers

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal here and it was super affordable too!!!!!!! Altogether I think I paid around $15! Definitely happy with the price and it’s super worth it!

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