Day 22: Chilling

There is no set plan for today. I lazed around in bed watching and crying over Crash Landing With You – great ongoing drama about N.K and S.K love story. I then washed my puffy eyes and got ready to meet a friend for brunch. In fact, it should just he lunch because it was noon at this stage.

Initially, we wanted to go to Waffle It Up, but it was closed and won’t open until 1pm. So, we went to this steak restaurant located within the vicinity of Hongdae called Chipoleon. It was an affordable lunch and I even got beer for 3000 won!

Brunch/Lunch then shopping around Ehwa

This is another good area for affordable shopping but I didn’t shop here today as I want summer, not winter clothes! We went Daiso instead after going to Ehwa University (quite pretty), and this is when I bought out the whole store of their pimple patches. I daresay it’s better than COSRX because the sticker is not that apparent on the face.

We even travelled to Hongdae (2 train stops away) for Daiso because it has a bigger range, and bought out all the pimple patches 😂 I even got cute stationary because why not and all of this came around $26 for me! What a steal!

Jongbu Dried Seafood Market

I went to Jongbu Market specifically for dried seafood because my dad loves them. It wasn’t too far from my hotel at Insadong so I didn’t mind taking a bus here from Ehwa. There is a huge selection of dried seafood here and my dad was salivating through video call!!!! The prices here are quite cheap as I got 2x400g of dried squid for around $25! They’re fresh and they can even vacuum pack it for you. I think my dad will want to come to Korea just for this market 😂

Imun Seollangtang @ Insadong

Afterwards, I packed my shopping away at the hotel, prior to dinner. I’ve been wanting seollangtang ever since I saw the long queue at Myeongdong. However, I didn’t want to travel there so I came across this popular restaurant which is crowded with locals. It is one of the oldest restaurant in Korea specialising in this dish! And it is in INSADONG! What a coincidence!

And it was fabulous. The broth was clean and subtle so that you can enjoy the meat with the noodles and rice. And it was perfect for this winter night! I love the the generous servings of kimchi and radish kimchi in which I paired it with my carbs. You can also go up to the waitress for a refill which I’ve seen so many people do. And this was 10000won! I would love to come back here again!