Day 17: Train to Busan 부산행 -> Gyeongju 경주

I’m finally off to BUSAN 부산! I got up early to finalise my packing, have breakfast, check out, and ensured I had enough time to get to the station.

There was a bit of a mishap on my way to the KTX station as the escalators were OUT OF ORDER! And I was carrying a huge luggage. Of course I felt sweaty carrying my luggage down flight of stairs but I did make it on time to buy ekiben prior the ride.

The ride was smooth and I napped again haha. As soon as I arrived in Busan, I checked into my hostel (surprised he let me check in so early! But I’m not complaining)

Since I got to check in early, I quickly unpacked my luggage to make sure everything is in order for when I come back tonight.

Hanoks in Gyeongju

As soon as I was done, I quickly booked a KTX ticket to Sinyeongju -> Gyeongju. Because I bought a KORAIL pass with flexibility for 4 days, it allows me to be able to travel to so many different places around Korea. It was also very convenient because I’m able to book online through my phone.

The ride wasn’t too long as it took half an hour to get to Sinyeongju. From there, I was told by the ladies from the Tourist Information (at KTX station), that I could take any bus to get me to downtown. And so I did and it was a comfortable ride which allowed me to gain my bearings and decide on where to go.

Admiring the landscape in Gyeongju

I walked along the main road after getting off the Express Bus Terminal and see huge burial mounds of past kings. From there, you follow the crowd, other Koreans who are also here on day trips, to explore the town.

I passed by so many modern hanoks in which they’re restaurants, cafes and even chic shops. Even the public toilets looks so damn cool – hanok style.

Sunset in Gyeongju

I walked all the way to Gyochon Hanok Village and saw how people lived back in the days, many many years ago. Nearby is a river whereby the village is built next to and there are picturesque spots for insta -worthy photos. Lots of couples here btw.

Afterwards, I walked 15mins to Cheomseongdae Observatory which was but during Queen Seondeok’s reign. If I had more time, I would visit the Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. These historical sites are conveniently located in the same area so no wonder people do day trips here.

If only I got here earlier, I could also go to Bulguksa Temple.

Back in Busan thanks to KTX, it was finally time for dinner! For some reason, I didn’t want to have rice and was thinking about having Mother’s Touch until I passed by Chinatown. This Chinatown looks a bit seedy especially when I see quite a few sex shops and nightclubs in the area. It didn’t help that I saw girls dressed up standing at entrances of some stores. Something is going on lol

Anyways, I made a beeline for the exit because I don’t want to be involved in anything accidentally. And so, I was back on the main street opposite Busan Station and went inside this restaurant called Hongkong Banjum 0410 Plus. I did not know until I saw the famous Korean chef Baek Jong Won’s poster on the wall that I knew it was affiliated with him! I’ve seen so many of his cooking programs and can’t believe I’m eating his food! It was really good btw, and I only had jajamyeon. I would love to come back and try jjampong and tangsuyuk if I have the chance!!!