Day 16: DDM 동대문

I caved. I wasn’t supposed to be shopping until after Busan but I can’t help it. What else are you supposed to do besides eating? It’s SHOPPING!

I was feeling so much better after going to bed early yesterday. And I suppose this is my body telling me it’s time to shop 😂

This is seriously a shopping haven and I haven’t explored everything yet! I am definitely coming back but for my first time, I think I did very well. My roommate even said it looks like I bought too much haha. I assured her, I have another empty bag.

Banana milk – this is really good!

I first went to Pyunghwa Market but quickly left because it was more for older women. I immediately headed straight to Migliore and this was more my style. It’s catered towards the younger market and all the clothes I’ve gotten are 10000 won ($12) each! The quality is not bad for the price and is even better than Thailand’s!

I even went to the shoe market street and golly, I love this place! If I didn’t get hungry, I could’ve bought more (shops had closed when after I ate) but I got fashionable quality flats for 10000won. BARGAIN!

Gwangjang Market

I had lunch at this small Korean restaurant located upstairs and the ahjumma was so nice. I love how you can order a bowl of soup and get side dishes with it! I only paid 7000 won.

Afterwards I went back to my hostel to pack all my shopping. I purposely went back at this time as my roommates will be out and I’ll have all the space to pack freely.

However, at Myeongdong, I got lured in by free face masks and bought 100 masks with extra samples for a bargain! It’s safe to say my arms were dead carrying all these weight!

After 3 rounds of food and makgeoli

Afterwards, I made last minute plans with friends to have dinner at Gwangjang Market. This was perfect as I can finally have the live octopus! It was quite yummy and I love the chilli and laver additions. The ahjumma also gave us service! I love the service culture here as we got dokbokki, and even a plate of assorted jeon!

After having our fill with the octopus, jeon and even tripe, we walked it off by heading to Dongdaemun (short stroll from the market) for more shopping 😄

Also forgot to mention how the seats at Gwangjang market are heated! My butt has never been so toasty! So don’t be scared about coming here during winter. You won’t feel cold!