Day 15: Suwon

I woke up feeling not 100% but ready for a new day! Today, I’m heading to Suwon via KTX and it will be a good day. I can foresee it. I had breakfast at my hostel again, and this time had ramen with egg. It’s been so long and it was so good!After, I quickly took a subway from Myeongdong to Seoul Station for my KTX.

Seoul Station

Travelling via KTX was comfortable albeit no place to charge your phone 😦 which was quite disappointing. I napped again and got to Suwon in about 30mins.

It was cold when I stepped off and I immediately went to find the tourist information centre. The man who served me was so helpful and told me in detail (he wrote it on the map as well with arrows and highlighters) how to get to the prime spots.

This was helpful and I didn’t need to use naver map at all! Not even to catch the bus because he told me the bus numbers.

But before going to Hwaseong Temporary Palace (1500 entrance fee), I explored Paldalmun Market and immediately, saw lots of shopping ideas! It’s cheaper than Myeongdong and even saw strawberries for 5000won! It’s 12000won near my hostel!

Hwaseong Temporary Palace – Dae Jang Geum was filmed here

There was a lot of walking because there was quite a bit to see. I even went to their infamous chicken street and had chimaek at Maehyang Chicken (매향친킨). They served the chicken as a whole and cut it up in front of you! I loved their appetiser which was this addictive pop corn snack with three different sauces! I had a huge CASS beer by myself and I think I was a bit tipsy by the end of it. All this costs 20000won altogether.

I even walked around the town after the palace but couldn’t stay for dinner. I wanted to have galbi because that’s what was known there. Unfortunately, I felt unwell and thought it was best to head home.

In the end, I had my leftover chicken (couldn’t finish the whole chicken there) and bought some dokbokki for dinner.