Day 14: Gyeongbukdong Palace

I had an early start morning to set off to Gyeongbukdong Palace. But before that, I had breakfast at my hostel. I enjoyed my breakfast as I was able to make scrambled eggs with ham, toast with butter and even had tomatoes! I miss tomatoes! Later, I went via bus to the palace and stopped by a hanbok store. I was going to rent one but because there were so many customers, I couldn’t be bothered to wait. So, I left in my normal outfit lol. Girl has no time for this!

Gyeongbukdong Palace: 3000won entry

I was lucky to see the changing of the guards when I arrived and got front row seats 🙌

It was interesting and they even had the performance translated to English, Chinese and Japanese.

Afterwards, we all dispersed to explore the palace more. I can’t believe I was walking around in the place where past kings and queens ruled Joseon.

You’ll spend a few hours here as a first timer like me, especially at the Korean Folk Museum.

Attended a mass at a Catholic church in Myeongdong

Afterwards, I met up with a new friend and had my first Korean sit-down meal: bibimbap! It was quite good and I was immensely fun especially after ordering dumplings which was very meaty.

We roamed around Myeongdong, the underground mall, attended mass (only for the first 10mins as it was all in Korean), and even explored Hongdae!

There were many street performers and I learnt they perform until 10pm for free! They don’t receive much tips and I can’t believe they do this every night!

Top left: spicy sundae

We went to Holly’s cafe to chill and coffee here is also as expensive as Australia (might even be more). I settled for peach Earl grey tea to warm me up and just that costs nearly $7! My golly. Then the unthinkable happened. My pocket Wi-Fi ran out of battery! How am I gonna get had safely?

Luckily, I got free Wi-Fi at Holly’s since I purchased a drink. My friend even helped me get back to the subway station, even though we took a detour to eat more street foods! From there, I got back safely and even got kimbab and sundae for dinner.

What I learnt: Koreans dress well and even guys put effort into their looks. Also, bring pocket Wi-Fi charger.