Day 13: On my way to Hankook! 한국

I started my morning earlier than expected as I guess I’m quite excited to FINALLY go to KOREA!!! I’ll be in the same country as my favourite celebs!!

Im currently having breakfast at Xinwuri station as my HSR doesn’t arrive until 9:32am. So I have around 40mins to spare. Another reason as to why I’m having a meal here is because I want to use up the money from my easycard. I’ll keep it since I’ll definitely be back. And I just dribbled black coffee all over my top 😦 At least coffee smells great!

HK poster wall located outside Taichung Station


Arriving to Korea was surreal because I’ve always seen this country through dramas. Now I’m here in reality!

Exchanging some money (just enough to get to my hostel), getting my wifi egg and buying Tmoney card (costs 4000 won) was swell. Everything was progressing smoothly and I have internet!

Immediately, I searched up how to get to my hostel via Naver Map because google can’t be trusted here. I took a direct bus which costs 16000 won via Tmoney. I know subway would be cheaper but I didn’t want to waste my time changing lines to Myeongdong especially when I’m tired, lugging a huge luggage and don’t know my way around Seoul yet.

Sunsets up in the air

After checking in, I immediately set off for dinner! Living in Myeongdong is amazing due to its convenience. I knew that Seoul had street foods but didn’t know it was like a whole street! I was amazed and am definitely not sick of street foods.

My first meal was Isaac’s Toast because KoreanEnglishmen so highly recommend them. It was delicious. Another thing I love about Korea, charging stations everywhere! I get to eat in a toasty room and charge my phone simultaneously. Perfect!

But of course this toast is not enough so I also got half seafood pancake and half kimchi pancake for 5000won.

I noticed immediately that street foods here are a tad more expensive that Taiwan so I’m quite picky about what I’m getting too.

Anyways, as airport rates for exchanging money is shit (truly it is) I exchanged the majority of my money here in Myeongdong. Everyone says to go to the one opposite the Chinese Embassy because it has the best rates. And it did. Though I would’ve liked to get more, but I know it’s much better than the other places, especially the airport.