Day 12: Last full day in Taiwan

Started my morning by having breakfast at Taichung’s Second Market which is also bustling with people. There’s plenty to eat here at this market and you’ll be exposed to so many choices. It’s another good breakfast/brunch/lunch spot. It’s also filled with clothing stores (though not my style) so you can definitely spend some time roaming around here.

After having my fill, I quickly boarded #99 bus to go to 彩虹村 Rainbow Village. This is a lengthy bus ride so it’s good to eat prior.

There’s quite a few tourists here at the Rainbow village due to it’s quirky aesthetic. I even got their winter special drink which includes longan – miss having that! Even their cups includes their illustrations.

Rainbow Village

After the Rainbow, I’ve been pondering long and hard if I should go to Gaomei Wetlands. It’s a trek to get there but I’ve been thinking about that place for a while.

I took the train from Xinwuri to Qingshui. From there, I was greeted by a taxi driver and I just decided to go with him and it was only 300NTD. This is more direct and saves me waiting for the bus. The taxi driver was caring and gave me a lot of tips on what to do here and places to avoid especially for a female traveller like me.

I enjoyed our conversation and before I knew it, I arrived. Before he went, he told me how I can get back to Taichung and that I should be wary bout the times because public transport run limited times here.

But he said there’s route 309 (cross the bridge to the wind turbines) which will go straight to Taichung Station. It comes every 25mins. That was a very handy tip!

Gaomei Wetlands

Gaomei is not very picturesque but I like the breeze and it’s tranquility. Albeit in only wearing a short sleeve top, I didn’t feel too cold lol. Everyone else had down jackets and hoodies. I definitely looked out of place.

I can see why people say the sunset looks beautiful here due to the wind turbines as a backdrop. However, knowing it takes around 2 hours to get back to my hotel, I didn’t want to stay too late.

Plus, I felt like doing a number 2 and the toilets here don’t have toilet paper! Another reason why I couldn’t catch the sunset 🌇

But, I still managed to eat this delicious tomato pork bagel and drink my long black to get me ready for the long ride back.

As per my daily schedule, I went back to my hotel to refresh and rest prior to dinner. Tonight’s agenda: Yi Zhong Night Market.

I’m so glad I needed my last night in Taiwan on a high! I like this night market! There’s a lot of foods and plenty of drinks! I definitely ate well. I even had this huge fried chicken steak which was bigger than my head! Only 70NTD ~ $3.4.