Day 11: Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

This was the first night I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. I somehow woke up at 4am which shocked me because I never wake up this early. In Aus, it would be 7am but I couldn’t be having jet lag a week+ into my trip.

Luckily, I went back to sleep and woke up 3 hours later. Today’s agenda: Sun Moon Lake. There is no way I’m going to miss out on this spectacular scenery because it’s one of the main reasons as to why I booked this accommodation.

I forgot that it would take 2 hours to get there and so, I decided I should arrive there before 1pm – perfect for lunch. I had breakfast at this place my dad told me about called 天津苟不理湯包. It’s quite popular with the locals and it closes at 11:30am! Hence, a prime breakfast spot.

I truly enjoyed the foods and I think I’ll want to have breakfast here tomorrow! This time, more of that buns! The milk tea was, I daresay, better than the one I had yesterday at Chun Shui Tang 😂 And can you believe it? All this for around $2.5!


By now it was just after 10am and it was time to go to Sun Moon Lake. I was searching last night on how to get there directly, quickly and with less transfers until I found this company Nantou Bus which goes directly there! I honestly did not know how much it would be but was willing to pay because I like convenience.

I searched up Gancheng Bus Station (not really a bus station but a street of bus companies) and walked till I found the sign saying Sun Moon Lake. I think only Nantou does it. I asked the guy how much it was and all he asked was “Do you have easy card?”. Of course! I told him I had around 100NTD in there and he said it was enough but I would have to top up prior to coming back. Easy!

I also purchased a 460NTD ($22) pass which gives me ferry voucher, bus tour around lake, 15% off bike hire and return ropeway.

I think the ride was around 1.5hours and it was a smooth ride as u kept napping. The bus dropped us off Shuishe Visitor Center and this is where I’ll take the bus straight back to Taichung.

There’s a 7/11 for you to top up your easycard for when you’re heading back. There are plenty of foods to eat here but none of which caught my fancy.

I immediately walked towards the pier which took less than 5 mins. But before that, I went too HR ferry counter to redeem my ferry pass. You’ll get a stamp to your hand in which you should not wash it because this entitles you to further ferry rides around the lake.

The ferry comes quite often and you don’t have to wait too long. It first took us to Xuanguang pier. You can hike further and see the Xuanguang Temple but I wasn’t too interested because I needed food.

So I took a ferry which led me to Ita Thao Pier. Now this is what I’m talking about.

I head the best 刈包 guabao here as the dough was soft and the meat was succulent!

I then decided to head into a store for a sit down meal and ordered a President’s fish soup with a plate of veges. After lunch, I roamed around this shopping street as there’s quite a bit to see. Then I made my way to the ropeway which I’d a short stroll from the street. There’s signs everywhere so you won’t get lost.

As this ride is already included in y pass, I walked straight in and queued for the ride. There’s two different types of cable cars: glass floor, normal floor. Of course the queue for the glass floor is longer yet I waited.

The views up the ropeway are amazing and I got to take a lot of selfies. The ride led us to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village which seems like an amusement park. I didn’t purchase a ticket for this place so I went back in my own private cable car lol.

I then took the bus back to Taichung and this time it’s packed. I guess everyone is ready to go home. I think I spent a good 4 hours here.

Before heading back to my hotel, I made a detour to Miyahara. Lots of people has been raving about this place and so I went to check it out. I went upstairs to sit and ordered my afternoon tea: choice of 3 cakes and a pot of tea. I even got an extra free cheesecake from one of the waitress which was nice for her. However it was quite sweet. I did enjoy the tea and pineapple cake.

Top: afternoon tea at Miyahara

After this, I went back to refresh myself at my hotel. Soon, I went to Zhongxiao Night market and had a lighthearted meal. I also got fried chicken but I was craving for something else. I then decided to head to Hanxi Night Market and this was huge! So many choices! I think I would like to come back here. I got meat skewers and even my shaved peanut wrapped ice-cream with cilantro! Now in satisfied 🙌