Day 10: to Taichung 台中

Last night I set an alarm for 8:15am so it’ll give me roughly an hour to pack and be ready by 9:20am the latest. I planned to have breakfast at the same place I went to but there was no-one? I bought 春卷 for takeout instead and this spring roll is massive!I thought I would’ve had enough time to board the HSR, but I only made it in the last few seconds. I ran crazily with my crazy curly hair. So glad I made it because I don’t want to spend extra money for another ticket.

My precious 春卷, if not for you, I wouldn’t have to run and sweat like earlier

I hit an obstacle. I got lost for 10mins as soon as I arrived in Taichung. I didn’t realise the train station was in a different location to the HSR station but I finally found the passage which links both! Then another roadblock the elevator to the platform I need an to get to is broken. I got no choice but to aboard another train on a different platform to make a U turn. The stairs a bit too steep for my huge luggage so I rather the uturn.I took the train to 成功站 and enlisted the help from the kind station conductor who helped me get to the next platform. Even local passerbys helped me travel to the next platform by the tracks.

Not stranded yet

It was a sigh of relief when I finally arrived at Taichung Station and immediately I went to my accommodation to leave my luggage there. I’m seriously glad I can leave my luggage there prior to check in for free as this enables me convenience and ample time to explore the area.

I had lunch at this shopping centre to satisfy my Japanese cravings. And I even went to the painted animation lane and saw my beloved Ace! Missed him so much!

And close-by to the lane is the mother of all bobas! Chun Shui Tang! I ordered their original pearl milk tea and their brown sugar mochi. I like how we’re allowed to dine in and enjoy the meal relaxingly. If I didn’t have lunch earlier, I couldn’t eaten here too as they also offer noodles and other meals.

I liked their boba although it’s not the best in Taiwan. But it’s definitely one of the top!

Afterwards, I went to check into my accommodation and I’m living in this capsule hotel which is spaceship themed. It’s pretty cool and is quite clean – just what I like. It was weird going the only one in the female’s room but I’ll take it!

I rested and had a long catch up conversation with my dad prior to dinner. I didn’t want to travel too far but in the end, I did lol. I went to 逢甲夜市 Feng Jia Night Market which was around 50 mins ride due to peak hour. There was a lot to eat and I got to try the oyster mushrooms which I’ve been eyeing for days.

This market is also a great place for shopping for new outfits since its located next to the Feng Jia University. Hence, affordable.

Surprisingly going back to my hotel took around 30mins, so it was much faster!

Also forgot to mention that I’ve been seeing a lot of political parties, their banners, posters and supporters the past week. Seems like it is voting season.