Day 10: Fo Guang Shan 佛光山

Wow! I had such a good night’s sleep. I think it’s because I went to bed earlier than usual so I had my full 8 hours 🙌

I took my sweet time getting ready as usual though tomorrow I’ll need to hurry as I have to board my HSR train on time. Anyways, today’s plan is to at least go to 佛光山 as I’ve always wanted to go there. Even though the museum is closed today (Tuesday) that’s bit going to deter me from going because I do want to see this monastery.

But before that, I need breakfast! There was this place right next to Formosa Boulevard Station Exit 1 which caught my eye when I arrived. They have a lot of options and I think I’ll have breakfast there again tomorrow. I was tossing up between their duck or their meat ball soup and chose the latter. IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!!! The balls were humongous and so satisfying to eat. Plus that broth!

Next, I took the train to HSR Zuoying Station and took the E02 bus directly to 佛光山. This is a Harvard Express Line so it’s only 2 stops and takes 32 minutes.

A very comfortable ride and I slept..again 😂 You seriously need to because you’re going to spend a lot of energy walking and climbing stairs. There is still quite a bit to see even though the museum is closed and I’m glad I went.

I prayed, I ate and I cleared the worries from my mind. I went to eat at their vegetarian buffet and you basically donate however much you want to eat (min 100 NTD). As you can see, I had a rather fulfilling meal and it has been so long since I had vegetables.

Afterwards, I took the same bus back to Zuoying station and strolled around their shopping centres. I bought new pants from Uniqlo since it was on sale and it’s quite airy – perfect for Taiwan’s humidity!

They have a lot of shops including Muji, Miniso, The Body Shop etc & I felt the price is more or less the same as Aus. Even Uniqlo is the same.. It’s only cheaper in Japan!

Now I’m resting in one of their food courts which is so aesthetically modern having egg waffled and my refreshing lemon tea. They even brought the food to me! I thought food courts were self service? Their service is amazing!

Elevator is touchscreen!

Afterwards, I went back to my hotel to refresh and renew myself when something unforgettable happened!


This is not something you wish on people especially while on holidays! I was in a state of panic. I kept on replaying the situation and couldn’t believe how this happened.

I soon tried to compose myself and my plans changed from onsen to REPAIR PHONE! This was urgent because I’m leaving this city tomorrow morning and can’t be late for my HSR. I don’t have a watch (don’t like wearing them) and all my flights and hotel information are on y phone. Hence urgent!

And so, I went to the hotel reception, and asked them if they know at repair shops in the area. Luckily there’s a whole street of repair shops just 2 streets away from the hotel. They were so kind to provide me a map and direct me on where to go. Bless!

And so, I hurried to the first shop I spot in which it’s called “Fix Me”. Perfect! Just what I needed!

Problem was solved quickly as they told me it is fixable but they need to wait for the part to arrive. They called up one of their partners and luckily they have the part! It costs 2500NTD to repair the phone and it was ready for my within 2.5hours.

Meanwhile, I went back to the hotel for my much needed onsen, then read a book in my room prior to going out to dinner.

I wanted to go to Ryeifong Night Market but because no 📱 = no GPS = lost alert, I went to Liuhe instead I didn’t mind because I had the big takoyaki balls I’ve been eyeing for a week now and my favourite dumpling place!

Being without my phone was weird because I wasnt taking photos and I did a lot of people watching. I somehow sat on this table with two Asian American guys talking about their dating lives. It was hard not to eavesdrop because they were loud! I think they felt no one else could speak English, but too bad I can. I tried so hard not to LOL and even had to turn my face away because I couldn’t resist a chuckle. A tip: stop being a mummy’s boy and talk directly to the girl. Problem solved!

By this time, it was nearing 8pm (I asked people for the time) and I hurriedly went to collect my phone. THEY FIXED IT! I was jumping for joy and was so happy. They even helped me put on a screen protector lol. Anyways, I’m finally safe again! I felt so vulnerable without my phone and now I’ll take better care of it.

I thought I would go back to NY hotel now that I’m full from dinner but since it was my last night, I decided to head to Rueifong Night Market. I’m glad I did because it was wild! A mix of food, clothing, accessories, games and massage stores! Damn!

If only my phone didn’t break, I would’ve eaten a lot here! But then again, I was really satisfied from my dinner at Liuhe.