Day 9: Qijin / Cijin Island

I had a later start than usual today because I was feeling unwell and I realized I might have rolled my ankle a tiny bit. I was thinking about what I should do to spend my day today and decided to explore Cijin.

I had to take a ferry to get that and the price with my easycard was 20NTD. It’s 30NTD if you pay by cash. The ferry ride was quite short as the island wasn’t located too far off. Also, you have an option to rent a scooter/bicycle to make your way around the island easier. I opted for nothing because I like walking and also a bit scared to ride along their roads when I’m not a local.

On my way to Cijin

We were greeted by people trying to get us to rent bicycles and even by food!!! As this is a sea port, I knew their seafood would be fresh. And so that’s what I had – so glad I did because it was so tasty!

There was quite a bit to see around the island but honestly, I was more interested in the food ๐Ÿ˜‚ I did go see the black sand beach, the Rainbow church and was going to go and take more touristy photos at the giant sea shell Art but food was calling me.

I’m not disappointed I didn’t see that and the lighthouse because all I wanted was good and the rainbow.


It was a beautiful day for photo taking and I did enjoy today. A lot of the food stores were closed if you head out further passed the rainbow. Thus, I didn’t bother walkibg further towards the windmills and caught a bus back to the historic street for lunch and dessert.

There’s also a Qijin market which is located just past the historic street. Here, you can buy dried squids and other dried seafoods for cheap!

Pier 2 Art Center & Xiziwan

After lunch and dessert, I took a ferry back to Kaohsiung and walked around the neighborhood. I crossed this white bridge, walked past the old British Consulate, saw people fishing and admired the view from Xiziwan.
I was facetiming with my dad and somehow I walked all over towards Pier 2 Art District. The art here are quite abstract and I like how they decorated the old railroads.

After spending some time here, I went back to my hotel to do my laundry since its time I get my clothes drycleaned. Meanwhile, I relaxed again in the onsen. I think I chose a perfect time because I’m always the first to test the waters and always had my private onsen ๐Ÿ™Œ So a tip, shower straight after their check-in time as that’s when everything will be clean and orderly ๐Ÿ™‚

Had dinner at Zhongxiao market and dessert at Nanhua Market

After collecting my clean clothes and resting, my stomach grumbled. It’s time to EAT! I wanted to go to Rueifong Night Market due to numerous good reviews but it’s closed on Monday’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
So, that will be tomorrow’s night market adventure. In the end, I went to Zhongxiao Night Market which wasn’t too far from my hotel. I had my fill there eating oyster pancake and chicken fried rice! So good ๐Ÿคค
That was plenty of food for one person and I even asked for small serving for the rice! Imagine if I asked for large?!

Shinkuchan Shopping District and more dessert

Because I was so full, I decided to walk back instead if taking the bus. on my way, I walked passed numerous shops including this store selling ่ ่ๅŒ…๏ผ่ ่ๅŒ… is pineapple bun and seeing there was a queue, I knew it was good and I have to eat it! I ordered ่ ่ๅŒ… with cheese and it was fresh out of the oven! God I missed it!

After this, I was sure it was my last meal of the day. I roamed inside Daiso and it wasn’t that cheap, around A$2.3 per item. No point in buying their items if it’s similar to Aus. I’ll see if Korea is cheaper.

Now I’m craving beer.