Day 8: Kaohsiung

Morning! I’m started my day a bit annoyed at 6 in the morning because people don’t know how to be quiet! Someone’s alarm was playing so loud, people having a loud conversation and just packing & repacking their luggage loudly. So inconsiderate! Please for fucks sake, put your phones on silent! Also, if you want to have a conversation, go outside to the communal room or wait til everyone is awake. If it’s hard, book your own private room assholes.

Anyways, this is my last morning in Taipei, especially in Ximending. As check out is 11am and my HSR train is scheduled at 11.31am, I have plenty of time. I took my time in the morning to get ready, ensure everything is packed and even went downstairs for a hearty breakfast. I’ll definitely miss living here because of its convenience.

As a foreigner, I need to show my passport and my HSR ticket in order to gain entrance. I was actually hoping for convenience stores and pop up shops selling ekiben but it was empty. That was disappointing but at least the ride is just around 2 hours. So, ensure you eat before your ride or buy something before you get inside the station. There’s no charging spots onboard the train, so ensure everything including your powerbank is charged.

Middle: Dragon and Tiger Pavilion

As check-in was 3pm and I was able hour early as expected, I left my luggage there and went out to explore I decided to go to the Dragon and Tiger Pavilions. Here, you can already see the Lotus Pond. Within walking distance around the lake, you can also go to Yuandi Temple, Confucius Temple, 五里亭 and even turtles! 🐢

By the end of this, I was quite tired because I didn’t get enough sleep. And so, it was around 4pm when I got back to my hotel. I wanted to rest and recharge prior the night market and so I went to the onsen (one of main reasons why I chose this accommodation). It was relaxing because I had the whole onsen to myself.

After a short nap, I walked around 8mins to Liuhe night market. I actually enjoyed this one as there was plenty of options and I got to try different types of food!

I spent a while roaming around eating before deciding to head to Aihe River for a romantic stroll lol. And that’s how my first night in Kaohsiung ended