Day 7: Yilan & Luodong

Can you believe it? It’s already my last day in Taipei! However, I woke up this morning feeling so tired and lazy. I’m afraid I started sneezing too 😦 Due to this, I didn’t have the energy to get myself ready for Hualien. A bit disappointed about that but there’s always next time. I was planning on coming back to explore the East Coast anyway. Today however, I’m heading to Yilan. It’s close to a 1.5 hour trip but before I start, I have to get my breakfast! Living in Ximending or any part of Taipei is so convenient as food is everywhere! I wanted to get gua bao (Taiwan’s version of a burger) but couldn’t find his food truck instead I got the flaky scallion pancake with bacon and egg! All for 50 NTD ~ $2.4.

I went to Taipei City Hall Bus Station to get on one of the coaches which goes directly to Yilan. It costs 132NTD to get there and I just tapped my easycard. If you don’t have this card, you can purchase the ticket at the ticket counter. Food and drinks are definitely allowed as this journey is long. Another way to get to Yilan is via train but I wanted to see the view of the country rather than be underground.

I’m currently wearing my new prescripted glasses and it’s so light considering the price! I don’t feel super comfortable with them yet because this is the first time I’m wearing them out. Hopefully it won’t take too long to adjust.

The difference between Taipei and Yilan is stark as the later is not as modern. However, they have great foods, a shopping centre (UNIQLO, MUJI, etc) and even beautiful sceneries. I tried to explore the town with my legs but it was tough especially under the hot sun. I was seriously thinking about hiring a scooter but then, I wouldn’t know if I’m confident enough to ride through their roads as a beginner.

There’s quite a bit to see in Yilan, and they even have a day and night market.

I didn’t go to their night market as I decided to travel to Luodong instead. Here, I was greeted by a magnificent lake. Lots of locals come here to exercise in front of this water scenery. I did it too before heading to their night market.

I’m annoyed at myself for not taking clearer photos of the food because most of them came out so blurry so I couldn’t include them here 😦 My excuse, I had to dig in! I actually enjoyed this night market as it was packed with locals who know what is good. So many foods caught my eye and I went for the foods I haven’t seen in other markets.

It was a success when you see a huge queue waiting behind you. Basically stating that locals love it too and it’s a favourite 🙌

I would definitely advise you to come here for a day trip and even just to sample their night market. So much to eat!!!! I prefer this over Ningxia and Raohe lol

But seeing as its my last night in Taipei, I could not miss out on Shilin Night Market. And so, I boarded 1879A coach/bus from Luodong to Yuanshan Bus Station. Here, it is only a stop away from Shilin. The ride was stable and I was able to take a short nap. Plus, I can charge my phone! Yipee!

Shilin Market is the craziest night market I’d ever been in my life! It’s freaking huge and it’s overcrowded! There’s so many good food to eat but since I ate at Luodong, I resorted to snacking here. I don’t mind because the whole point is to walk and eat and repeat the process again. Im so glad I tasted the sausage wrapped in sticky rice!!!! This was so flavorsome and I’m going to ask my mum to attempt to make at home.

I also ate other savoury foods and ended with dessert: fried milk. I wish I got three because I bought 1. It is addicting! The lady boss was so sweet and caring too! Bless her!

Now I’m craving a beer 🍻